"Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them."

-Bob Dylan


You made it to Senior Year! You've worked so incredibly hard to be here and that is no small task! You should be oh so very PROUD that you made it, I know I'm Proud of you!!!

This is the year, the year you take it all in! Enjoy your friendships old and new, all the experiences good or bad and all the special moments you're going to make! It will be bittersweet but it will be so special!


It's All In The Details

Please take note! Senior sessions happen during some of the busiest times of the year, so make sure you book those sessions as soon as possible! Most Seniors are getting their sessions booked at least a year in advance!

The package prices below include your session fee as well as anything else listed with the package. However, please keep in mind that you may also order additional digital images, prints, announcements, products and so forth that are not included in the package. When you receive your gallery the product store will be attached. You will be emailed a code with your gallery that allows you to choose the items included in your package at no cost, while also allowing you to add anything else that you might want. You can then check out all at once, apply your code for included items, and then finish checking out by paying only the cost of the additional products!

Additional digital images are $15.00 each. Additional prints begin at $3.00 and go up as the sizes get larger. As always packages and product prices are PLUS tax.

Need a yearbook photo? Need it sent to the school? I can help with that too! Just make sure you mention it at time of booking and have all the information needed ready to give me!

As always there is a 25% Non-Refundable Retainer owed, as well as a signed contract, at the time of booking to hold your date! For additional details you can view the FAQs here or CONTACT ME here!

Senior Pricing & Packages

The Basics Collection


The Basics Collection


-1 Hour Session
-Digital Gallery (Choice of 10 Images)
-1 Wardrobe Change
-8 Wallet Prints
-1 5x7 Print
-1 8x12 Print
-Print Release

The Style Collection


The Style Collection


-1 1/2 Hour Session
-Digital Gallery (Choice of 15 Images)
-2 Wardrobe Changes
-8 Wallet Prints
-1 5x7 Print
-1 8x12 Print
-1 16x24 Print
-Print Release

The Edge Collection


The Edge Collection


-2 Hour Session
-Digital Gallery (Choice of 25 Images)
-3 Wardrobe Changes
-16 Wallet Prints
-2 5x7 Print
-2 8x12 Print
-1 16x24 Print
-Print Release

Prints, Products & Digitals Available For Purchase.

All Packages Require a 25% Retainer Fee to be paid at the time of booking.

Payment Plans are available.



Q: When Should I Schedule My Senior Session?

A: You can schedule your Senior Session any time that you want too. However, most Seniors begin scheduling their Senior Sessions at least a year in advance because spring and fall are very busy seasons for Photographers!

Q: Are your retainers refundable?

A: No. I do not offer refundable retainers. A retainer is paid to retain my services and hold your date.

Q: Can you accept my retainer and hold my date without a signed contract?

A: No. I must have the retainer and a signed contract to hold your date.

Q: Can you accept my signed contract and hold my date without a retainer paid?

A: No. I must have both the signed contract and the retainer to hold your date.

Q: Do you accept checks?

A: Easiest answer for this is No, I only accept checks for tips.

Q: When is my remaining balance due?

A: Any remaining balance on your scheduled session is due 7 days prior to your event. If you have not paid your remaining balance 7 days prior to your session then your session is subject to cancellation. *Arrangements can be made here if you have spoken to me but NO session will be done unless the session has been paid in FULL before the session begins!*

If you have set up a payment schedule then I will have made sure that your last payment date falls 7 days prior to your event.

Q: Where will we take my photos?

A: I have a ton of awesome locations that I love to use and am always happy to find new ones that match the look that you want in your photos! Do you have a special location you'd like to use? AWESOME, let's do it!

Q: What time will my photos be done?

A: Always sunrise or sunset unless your schedule cannot accommodate that. Then I will work with whatever works for you. However, sunrise and sunset are the ideal times.

Q: How long is the session and how long before I get my images?

A: See your package! It will give you up to how long you have included in your package! Think we're done and want to go early? That is totally up to you! 4-6 Weeks is the processing turn around time for your images, so get booked at least 3 months before you want your announcements to arrive.

Q: What if the weather is horrible?

A: If the weather is bad (Very Windy, Raining, Etc.) then we will reschedule your session. There is no additional fee if we have to reschedule due to acts of God. I always watch the weather closely and make sure we have plenty of time to change our plans!

Q: Can we reschedule our session without bad weather?

A: Yes. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 2 times dur to unforeseen circumstances. However, I will not reschedule the session more than 2 times. (*This does not include acts of God, like weather.)

Q: Can I cancel my session?

A: Yes you can cancel your session at any time and a cancellation contract will be sent. However, I do ask that courtesy is applied and that you try to cancel your session at least 48 hours in advance.

Q: How many outfits should I bring?

A: Whatever is included in your package! Maybe an extra just in case you change your mind. That's always a good practice! As always make sure to bring any clothes or props that are important to you (like football or sports items, instruments, letterman jackets, class rings, grad caps, grad gowns, etc.)

Q: Can I bring anyone with me?

A: Absolutely! If under 18 you MUST bring a parent or a friend over the age of 18 if a parent okies that! Then additionally you can bring one additional friend, sibling, etc.

Q: Can you submit my image to the yearbook?

A: Yes. As long as you supply the correct information needed at time of booking. I will submit whatever image you choose to the yearbook!

Q: Will I get to see all the images from my session?

A: Unfortunately not. Why you might ask? Well sometimes images are blurry or your eyes are closed. I also shoot a series of images all at once when I press the button, so a lot of images are duplicated. I pick the best and delete the rest. Will you get to see at least 1 image of every pose and outfit? YES!

Q: How and Where can I use my images?

A: You will be able to use the web version of your INCLUDED or PURCHASED images online/social media and the high res version of your images used for printing with the print release if you choose not to purchase prints through me.

Q: Can we take pictures with our own camera or phone at the session?

A: No. No phones or cameras are allowed to be out at CLP sessions and you agree to this in the contract. *Exception is Weddings or Events where the hosts have not stipulated this to the guests. (Although unplugged Weddings and Events are suggested!)

Q: Can I get a refund on products after delivery?

A: Once products are accepted and the delivery form is signed you cannot get a refund on products. (*Also if for a wedding the answer is still no. I'm sorry your marriage ended but the service and products were still performed and delivered, so no refunds will be issued.)

Q: Can I get a refund on digital images or products?

A: Once digital products have been delivered and downloaded you cannot get a refund. (*I CAN see when digitals have been downloaded.)

Q: Can I get a replacement on my print products?

A: No. Every print and product is sent to me and inspected by me for any issues before I deliver to you. Upon delivery you sign a form saying you received the prints or products and that they were accepted in their entirety. (*After delivery and over the years I am not liable for prints that might fade due to age or exposure to lighting.)

Q: Do you give out the original, unedited images?

A: No. I NEVER, under any circumstances, release my unedited original files as they are not a true representation of my work. I also will NEVER allow anyone else to edit my files and you agree to this term in your contract. I also only keep my original files until my finished products have been delivered and then they are deleted from all my systems. I only keep my final edits, archived, for an unspecified amount of time after delivery. If re-delivery is needed there is a archive retrieval fee.