Hello! I'm Brenda.

I am first and foremost a super devoted mommy! I have three amazing children that I couldn't imagine living a day without. I have a great husband who is always so good about running around getting all my honey do's done. I also have a gorgeous little Husky and little Red Terrier who thinks they own my yard.

I homeschool my children and am also a certified TEFL & TEYL teacher. I am a student working on two doctorates degrees. I also own three other businesses and a charity so all of that keeps me super happy and keeps my hands busy!

I enjoy singing, writing and reading! I play piano, guitar and the flute. I'm obsessed with anything fantasy like because I'm still a teenager at heart. I love grabbing a cup of hot tea on a cold, Rainy day and snuggling up to read something good. That's a perfect day!

​I can't wait to meet you! So let's grab a cup of coffee and chat about how to Capture your Legacy!