Does CLP Travel Or Do Destination Sessions/Events?

A.Absolutely Yes! The rates & fees for this differ! So check out the Investment Page & If you don't see the info you're looking for then just shoot me a message & I'll answer your questions personally!

Does CLP Accept Checks?

A.Easiest answer for this is No, I only accept checks for tips.

Are CLP's Retainers Refundable?

A.No. I do not offer refundable retainers. A retainer is paid to retain my services and hold your date.

Can We Cancel Our Session?

A.Yes you can cancel your session at any time. However, I do ask that courtesy is applied and that you try to cancel your session at least 48 hours in advance.

Can We Reschedule Our Session?

A.Yes. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 2 times due to unforeseen circumstances. However, I will not reschedule the session more than 2 times. *This does not include "act of God" cancellations. IE - Bad Weather.

Can CLP accept my retainer and hold my date without my signed contract?

A.No. I must have the retainer and signed contract to hold your date. CLP will not even send an invoice for or accept the retainer without the signed contract.

Can CLP accept my signed contract and hold my date without my retainer?

A.No. CLP must have both the signed contract and the retainer to hold your date.

Can I get a refund on my wedding package or products after the wedding?

A.No! If your marriage has ended I am sorry for you! However, that does not mean that I did not provide a service or deliver your products. I cannot refund you for services rendered or product delivered/received just because you and your spouse have decided to call it quits. Please do not ask for a refund. If you do you will be referred to legal counsel to explain this to you again. No real vendor will refund you in this scenario!

Can I get a refund on my digital products?

A.You can get a refund for digital products only if you request the refund before delivery has been made. Once digital products have been delivered no refund will be given, and yes we can see if they have been delivered and or downloaded.

Can I get a replacement on my print products?

A.No. Every print and product is sent to and inspected by CLP before being delivered or shipped to you. *The only exception is IF the items have been shipped to you and you can provide proof of defect via photo the day of arrival. All shipped items will require a signature, so yes we can tell what day you received them.

When is my remaining balance due?

A.Any remaining balance on your scheduled session is due 7 days prior to your event. If you have not paid your remaining balance 7 days prior to your session then your session is subject to cancellation. *Arrangements can be made here if you have spoken to CLP but NO session will be done unless the session has been paid in FULL before the session begins!*

If you have set up a payment schedule CLP will of made sure that your last payment date falls 7 days prior to your event. If your balance has not been paid in full 7 days prior to your event then your session is subject to cancellation. *Arrangements can be made here if you have spoken to CLP but NO session will be done unless the session has been paid in FULL before the session begins!*

Can I combine discounts/Specials/Offers?

A.No. Only ONE discount/Special/offer or Coupon may be utilized per session/event!

Can we take pictures with our own cameras or phones as the session?

A.No. No phones or cameras are allowed to be out at CLP sessions and you agree to this in the contract. *Exception is Weddings or Events where the hosts have not stipulated this to the guests. (Although unplugged Weddings and Events are suggested!)

Do you give out the original, unedited files?

A.No. I NEVER, under any circumstances, release my unedited original files as they are not a true representation of my work. I also will NEVER allow anyone else to edit my files and you agree to this term in your contract. I also only keep my original files until my finished products have been delivered and then they are deleted from all my systems. I only keep my final edits, archived, for an unspecified amount of time after delivery. If re-delivery is needed there is a archive retrieval fee.